Additional Project Resources

Pharmacy Foundations Review Guide (PFRG)

A 1-year project to develop a study resource for internationally educated pharmacists (IPs) to facilitate their access to the appropriate reference material required for preparing for the Evaluating Examination.  This examination, prepared by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, is the first compulsory examination required for IPs in order for them to achieve licensure in Canada.  Managed by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Services at University of British Columbia.

Development of evaluation frameworks for selected HHR programs in the North West Territories (NWT).

This initiative assisted the NWT to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework for selected HHR programs.  These evaluation frameworks outlined what data needed to be collected, what questions needed to be asked and answered and how to collect the data to determine the effectiveness and suitability of selected existing HHR programs.  This also assisted in identifying key HHR issues in NWT and to develop or modify plans to address these issues.

Healthy Workplace Indicators for Yukon Health Service Employers

The project identified the indicators of healthy workplaces that are to be used in the Yukon Health System, identified the tools that enable measurement of the indicators and the factors to be addressed in putting such tools in place where they do not exist.  Healthy workplace indicators included measures of turnover, absenteeism and overtime, assessment of workplace factors such as scheduling of work-times and autonomy in decision-making and other factors related to workplace environment and culture.

Development and Implementation of an Evidence-based Musculo-skeletal Evaluation Tool for the Health Sector

This proposal involved the development of an evaluation tool that was tool be used to assess the rates of musculo-skeletal injuries in the Saskatchewan health sector.  The tool will allow evidence to be collected on provincial injury rates and on an Regional Health Authority by Regional Health Authority basis.  The results will help identify workplaces where additional measures are required to create a healthy workplace and retain workers.

Western Medical Education Conference

The main objective of this proposal was to hold a two-day conference involving all the key stakeholders in medical education across the western and northern regions.  This included the 5 western medical school deans, their undergraduate and postgraduate associate deans, representatives from the Government Departments of Health and Advanced Education/Learning and Health Canada.  The main purpose of the meeting was to facilitate collaboration and information sharing in medical education.

Increasing Aboriginal Participation within the Health Sector

This project involved the creation of a forum for regional health authorities that will provide an overview of best practices in Aboriginal employment within the health sector in Manitoba as well as in other jurisdictions. All P/Ts were invited to attend.  The project also included the development of a promotional video on Aboriginal Employment Strategies within the Health sector.

Development of a standardized process for describing Common Core Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

To further develop work already done in Alberta, to establish and validate a standardized process for describing core competencies for LPNs across all western provinces.

Matching Placement Capacity with Placement Needs for Health Profession Students

The objective of this proposal was to identify the suitability of extending HSPnet (a clinical placement management software system) to the other western provinces and northern territories to share in an established successful development from BC

Preliminary Analysis of Development of a Demand Model for Health Care – A Patient-Centred Approach

To undertake a literature search and to create an integrated framework, for analyzing patient-centred demand for health care.  This will then be used to undertake a feasibility study to determine the prospects for developing a practical, effective patient-centred needs-based HHR planning model.

Student Placement Capacity Building in Rural Communities

To undertake a preliminary feasibility study for determining the suitability of extending the BC-based IRPbc interprofessional student placement program into the other Western & Northern jurisdictions.

Analysis of retrospective physician resource data in Manitoba and other participating provinces to determine trends in the provincial physician workforce, leading to the development of a forecasting tool.

Support and Capacity Building for the Western & Northern Regions’ HHR Planning Forum

Project to assist the Forum to improve the capacity for HHR Planning in the western and northern regions by improving communication processes, establishing a secretariat and increasing technical support to all member jurisdictions.

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